Institut Neo’s Inception

Founder, Director and Teacher

Coming from a family of teachers, I have been in teaching rooms from a very young age, and it was there that I become enthused with passing on knowledge about languages and language teaching.

Since 2010, I have been sharing my passion with both my students and colleagues at Institut Neo, a private language school which specialises in language learning and the discovery of culture.

Sara Herraez

Institut Neo was created in 2010 following an ever increasing demand for language classes in the Geneva region. It was both a professional and personal accomplishment and the culmination of a career devoted to teaching and languages. 

With a passion for anything related to languages, Sara decided to devote her life to languages. Thanks to her extensive background as a freelance language teacher (English, French and Spanish) in different countries, Sara was able to observe and learn different teaching methodologies. She put all this knowledge together and adapted them to focus on the specific needs of each and every student, and finally integrated them into Institut Neo with the aim of developing her own vision of language teaching and surround herself with other colleagues who share her philosophy.

She has a Bachelor in French and a Bachelor in English from the University of Salamanca, a diploma in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and a Masters in Linguistics from the University of Geneva and has added to her training with her experience teaching in various schools in both Spain and Switzerland.

Sara comes from Avila (Spain) and has dual citizenship (Spanish and Swiss). She first came to Switzerland on an Erasmus exchange in 2007, after spending some time in the United Kingdom and Canada. She decided to stay in Geneva to open Institut Neo and pass on her passion for languages and their attached cultures.

Since 2009, she has also been offering self-defence training in partnership with her friend and colleague Joël Muhlemann (JMSD), as well as Aikido classes in partnership withAssociation Kyûdôsha andAikikan International de Genève since 2017.

Her professionalism, knowledge and good-humour are appreciated by colleagues and students alike


Where does the name Institut Neo come from?



Firstly, after studying and experimenting with numerous teaching methodologies, I was convinced that it was necessary to create something new, which encompassed all the positive aspects of each methodology but with an innovative touch, and adapted to our technology and our lives.

Hence the word ‘Neo’, which means ‘new’ in Greek, because it perfectly describes the fundamentals of our teaching methodology and how it differs from other schools (even my mum’s!).


Secondly, our aim is to use a methodology that focuses on each student and their specific needs. This is only attainable by working privately and designing the learning materials on a case-by-case basis. That is, with individual lessons. If you then rearrange the word ‘one’, you get ‘Neo’.


Finally, our logo only includes the ‘i’ from institut to further highlight the fact that our teaching is customised and individualised. The ‘i’ is almost like the number one, which is constantly improving and renewing itself.